Bath Robes

Velour Bath Robes

Fabric softener decreases the absorbtion capacity.

Terry Bath Robes

Here's a high-quality terry velour custom robe at a very affordable price.

White Hooded Kids BathRobes

Combing also aligns the fibres and adds softness to the yarn.

Woman Bath Robes

It is available in Small, Medimum, XL sizes and Waffle Bath Robe.

Man Bath Robes

We making nice bathrobes for men included Terry, Velour , Hoooded and especially more than the standard black, white, navy blue and wine.

Micro Fibre Bath Robes

This type of bathrobe Ideal for spa, bath, lounge, resort, swimming pool, embroidery shop and gift.
We used the best quality cotton and yarn, which gives ultimate softness and best water absorbency to our products.
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